4th Day – Work Hard, Drink Tea, Shop and Smile

Istanbul has a huge tea culture. Everywhere i looked someone was drinking tea. In the underground, in the shops and even even in the bazaar they carried it around on trays. i am not a big tea fan, except for Bigelow Caramel Tea (hint, hint). but i have to admit that i liked the tea here. i like the way it is served and drunk out of little glasses, of which i bought myself, so i can try it at home.

There are a lot of people here and you most feel it in the shops, especially the big market known as the Grand Bazaar. People are everywhere and it feels like all 13+ million are there. The worst part of the bazaar, for me, is the shop owner can seem a little too aggressive, even to the point of following you a bit or even waiting for you to return if you say that you will come back. Do not promise them that you will come back because they will wait for you.

Also i noticed that people here seem to work and smile, like Americans. Everyone seems to be busy (except that guy —————>)
working, yet most of them smile. i caught myself smiling more in the past four days than in the past year in Budapest and more surprisingly others even smiled back when i did it. i miss smiling and being smiled at by others.

2 thoughts on “4th Day – Work Hard, Drink Tea, Shop and Smile

  1. It sounds like you had a lots of fun there…oh and about the tea we drink it the same way here … specially the tiny glasses …lol..so i know exactly what you mean.

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