School Life and Mon Plaisir

The first week of school i felt like a bulldozer had run me over and then backed up and did it again and then again for three more days.

The teachers at the school, the three that i have, un femme et deux homme, speak only in French, but sometimes will say a word or two in French when necessary. It is quite difficult to understand what the heck they are talking about most of the time.

We have lessons every week day and most days we have three or four lessons, except for Wednesdays we have six.

The first day there were only two of us in the lesson because the others were taking a placement test, but the two of us knew our place. We did not have to be told.

The other student was a woman from either South America or Spain or both, but i could not figure it out exactly. Her name was Mariela and she came to study for one week. She was my favourite classmate, but she is gone. Au Revoir Mariela. Bon Chance!!

The class got larger as time went by, so now we have three students from South Korea, one from Denmark, one from U.S. and another from South Africa.

i really like the Koreans in my school. They are all so kind and generous. The newest student 박성현, invited me over last Friday for pasta, which he cooked in the little kitchen in the residence hall. We had to wait for a girl to finish over-cooking her eggs because they have only two burners for the whole floor. After the girl with the thrice dead eggs finished, he worked like a master in the kitchen. He whipped up a tasty pasta dish that was very spicy. We ate the pasta, then we went to another student’s room, October is what we call him, for hot tea. It was fun because we had to use a translator on the internet to speak to each other.

Monplaisir – films are shown on the other side
You can rent bikes all over the city
Beautiful stairs before the Lumiere Brothers

It is not easy to make friends here, so i have to make myself go out. i usually go out to a bistro, which is called Le Bistro Autrement. It is located in the area called Monplaisir. The bistro sets up tables in the square during the summer, so you can sit outdoors and enjoy a beverage or eat dinner. i have become friends with three servers that speak English. They are very kind and actually try to help me with my French, which is not an easy task. Unfortunately, it will all end after this week because it will be too cold to sit outdoors. Also it is very expensive to go out here, at least for me it is until i can find a job. It cost 3 Euros for a beer and about 3.20 for a coke or a cafe au lait.

Below is a video i took with my i-pod of a wedding party passing by the square. It was funny.

more to come…


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