As i can see from my last post, almost a year ago, i never finish anything. There were about four or five more days in Istanbul that i never wrote about, but i can do so now. Istanbul was great. i thought of moving there, but realised that if i am willing to move there, then i must really hate Budapest. So, i started to think about moving and then my job came to an end thanks to the Hungarian dictatorship that is in power now.

After much deliberation, my decision was to move to Lyon. Why? First and foremost, i wanted to live in France, but it is a large country, so i had to narrow it down. Second priority i considered was the weather, cleanliness, the size of the city and population, so Paris and Marseilles was out for all those reasons. Third thing, which solidified my decision to move to Lyon, was the cuisine of the area. Lyon has the reputation as the capital of gastronomy in France. There are many restaurants and cooking schools here. The final reason i moved here was for its film culture. One of the first films was made and shown here. There is a debate as to which film was really first, but the film shown here was the first for public viewing.

The shoes that represent the Jews that were killed here. Liberty was too far away for some.

Decision made, then executed.

i got rid of many things and pack those that i felt were necessary to start a new life, then i shipped them off. i had many nights of partying at Grandio and other ruined pubs in Budapest to say good-bye to many students and friends; sometimes the two are the same. i also visited some places in Hungary that i had not seen (the cave near the Slovak border and the Parliament) and a place i had not seen in some years, Debrecen. i was able to say good-bye to a friend and his sweet family.

A real Black Forest Cake. Heaven on a plate.

Finally, the 24th arrived and i got on the train just in time, thanks to my best friend Tamas. i sat down in my seat as the train rolled away and started to cry; luckily i had my sunglasses on to hide my eyes.

Strasbourg Train Station

i stopped in Germany for about a week to visit one of my friends and his family, then on the 30th of August i moved to Lyon. I took the train from Strasbourg to Lyon.

Unfortunately, i left my computer, passport, Kindle and i-pod in Germany and it took a week to have it returned to me.

Hopefully, i will be able to write about my adventures in Lyon, France more than once a year.

More to come….


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