Ten Things That Annoy The Hell Out Of Me Part 1

This is taken from my old blog on blogger. It was written in 02/28/2009

Here is something i have been working on for awhile, but i have not finished. Eventually it will be a list of…

Ten Things That Annoy The Hell Out Of Me

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve written anything, but I thought to myself (which I do often) that it’s time to get back on the old proverbial horse. Surely legions of fans have been patiently anticipating hearing my deepest thoughts, my insightful wisdom and my extraordinary sense of humour. Oh, and let’s not forget my humility!

I haven’t felt inspired to write for a long time, but recently I felt annoyed by all the idiotic things that I see going on in Budapest, Hungary and the world as a whole! So I thought it was time to let off some steam and vent my anger in a more productive way or at least in a more fruit-bearing manner for myself. Without further babble from me, I give you the list.

10. P.C. That’s right, being politically correct annoys me! I was watching America’s Got Talent (2nd season, since I just discovered it due to Britain’s Got Talent being popular on YouTube) and that was when I realized how hypocritical p.c. people are sometimes. There was a girl group called Gigantica or Humongous or something like that, anyway they were standing up for the fact that they were fat, it’s great and looks sexy, but then they had male back-up dancers that were very muscular. If they really believed that fat is beautiful, then why didn’t they have fat male dancers? Because it isn’t sexy or they couldn’t all fit on the stage! There are many more examples of being p.c., but i will leave it for now.

09. People that stand in the way! Here in Budapest people stand anywhere on the escalator and won’t move to let me pass, so I have to push my way through them like I am running through an obstacle course. One time I actually got tired of hearing everyone yell at me, so I turned around and yelled back, “If you idiots would stand on the right side, then I would not have to push my way through.”

08. More standing in the way! And then, there are those getting off the Underground (or any other form of public transportation) have to fight their way off because the idiots that are getting on stand in front of the door. I being who I am just push them out of the way, even the grannies. The grannies are the worst of the whole lot. They start to get on, even before the others have a chance to get off.

07. Speaking of grannies. They always make me wait in lines at the shops while they count their coins and some even cut in the queue. I guess at their age they cannot be sure when their time here is up, so they have to make the rest of us miserable until then.

more to come…


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