Ten Things That Annoy The Hell Out Of Me Part 3 (The End)

Taken from 14 April 2009

Annoying Things Ends, Or Does It?

03. lol! Or anything like it, especially if it is used in spoken English. Recently I heard a student say “lol”, after I told him something funny. I asked “What is that?” You know, ‘Laugh Out Loud’. I thought it was really stupid to say something used in chat, instead of actually doing it in person. Maybe my hatred for ‘lol’ is because of my hatred for L’s in general. I have trouble saying the L Word’s.

02. Nationalism! Being a little patriotic is okay, but they (Hungarians, when I say Hungarians I don’t mean all of them, so don’t tell me that I am stereotyping) take it to a whole different level. They claim inventors and actors that weren’t even born in Hungary, but had a relative born in Hungary. The most irritating ones are the ones that hate Jews, but claim the inventions of Jewish Hungarians, even though they had to leave Hungary during the WWII. The funniest of all are the ones that take pride in the inventors of the atomic bomb (more Jews). I would try to distance myself from such a horrific invention.

01. People that get annoyed by everything! Okay, so I annoy the hell out of myself, but at least i can laugh at myself and others, especially others.

That is the complete list of things that annoy the hell out of me! I was thinking I should just write one thing a week that annoys me the most, and then I could have a top 52 things that annoy the hell out of me. Then I would have something to look back upon, when I am old and grey, so I can see how far I have grown or how much more cynical I have become or how funny I was or wasn’t.

more to come…


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