About My Flat

As i wrote earlier there are other nice things about the square in MonPlaisir, such as they show films in the summer, but that is hearsay until i witness it for myself.

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MonPlaisir My Pleasure

One of my favourite things is the open air farmer’s market, which happens three times a week (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday) from 6 a.m. until 1, at least i think that is true.
It is like the Hungarian piac, except cleaner, the people are smiling while they work, there is a lot of cheese and seafood and it is temporary.
There seems to be one of these markets in each arrondissement (district in English), perhaps i will visit the others to see if there are any differences.

Many of my friends have asked me about more specific things about my life here, so i will answer those some of those questions now.
i live in a flat on the ground floor in the 8eme arrondissement. The school found me this situation with a “family.” In this case, the family is an old woman and she has two rooms to rent in her flat. As part of the arrangement she cooks my breakfast and dinner each day. The breakfast does not seem to exist. i think she tried in the beginning; if i am not mistaken about the cheeses that she offered me, then that was her idea of breakfast. i might have a different concept of breakfast than most people because i usually just have coffee and then wait until i hear the rumbling in my stomach to eat a banana.
As for dinner, it is waiting in the oven when i get home from school, but sometimes i arrive around noon, so it makes me wonder about the days that i arrive home at 4 and it is sitting in the oven, especially when it is fish. Speaking of fish, she prepares me salmon at least three times a week and that is why i am staying another month. i love salmon, but even i think three times a week is too much. The other food she prepares does not seem French in origin at all, unless the French eat a big piece of sausage over some roasted potatoes. She used to serve me a dish which had something, i never figured it out, rolled into sliced ham and baked. i did not like the something that i never figured out its’ origin, so i told her that i hate ham. Problem solved.
Unfortunately, she found another sliced meat for me to eat, which i like because it was steak and pepper. i say unfortunately because after she figured out that i liked it she bought it again, but a different brand which does not exactly have pepper on it and taste a little off.
i actually knew the first day that this arrangement might not be good for me, when she told me i did not need to take off my shoes in the house. Lyon is very clean city, especially compared to Budapest, but it is not clean enough to wear your shoes in the house, especially when she only cleans once a week. She collects my dirty clothes on Mondays, washes them and then hangs them out to dry, all of the clothes on one rack, on top of each other. i am not a genius but i know they will not dry quickly that way. Also i now own a couple pairs of pink socks.
She also “cleans” (it is not that clean when she is done, so i used the quotation marks to emphasis this point) the floor on Mondays. On the 1st and 15th, she changes my bed sheets, which is all strange for me. i always wanted a maid, but now i am not so sure. It like having Roberta from “2 And Half Men” as a maid. i doubt she cleans well enough to pass my inspections either.
Another problem for me is that she is very loud. The phone rings constantly (it’s loud too because i think i heard it from the tram stop) and then she shouts into it with her friends. i can hear it from my bedroom, so it distracts me from studying or watching television.
Do not get me wrong. She is a nice lady, but i need to feel that my surroundings are clean and she does not really like me to use the mop to clean, so this will not work for me. i will move at the end of this month.
i hope that gives you an idea of my living arrangements. Maybe next time i can talk about my class and how there is one girl that thinks the lessons are revolving around her.

more to come…


3 thoughts on “About My Flat

  1. I really miss your presence, every morning i walk by your latest home, and thinking of you, how dou you feel yourself there?
    I like the way you live right now, it is changes in a moment, and i would like to experienced that too. I can’t wait to see you again!
    Because I’ve just started to think about the next summer holiday plans, and i want to go abroad, and I want to go south , I mean Italy, Grecee or France 🙂 I really want to see how the sun shines there. 🙂

  2. Rule nr. 1 : Accept older people as they are. They are not going to change just for you.

    Rule nr. 2 : Be grateful that you have a place to stay and food to eat. And besides, this lady is trying her best, even though it is not good enough for your taste.

    Rule nr. 3 : I have seen French eating “a big piece of sausage over some roasted potatoes” and other even more strange things as well. Keep an open mind and an open heart and things WILL WORK BETTER FOR YOU!

    I wright these words to you in love and respect.


    • Sometimes i think you do not know me at all.
      i am grateful, but not when i am paying for a service. It is the same as going to a hotel or a restaurant, you pay and then have expectations. If they are not met, then you do not go back. She is very kind, but i am paying a lot of money for this service.

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