Mad World

Someone i know posted the video of Mad World, the Gary Jules version and i wrote that i think the original is still better. What do you think? Which is better and why is it better? You can vote below.

i like TFF’s better because of their voices and the music is a little misleading, sounding a little happier than the lyrics, which was common in the 80’s.

The original by one of the best bands of the 80’s: Tears For Fears.

The modern version for the film Donnie Darko by Gary Jules.


8 thoughts on “Mad World

  1. i didn’t even know TFF did the song…lol. i first heard it in donnie darko, so i would have to go with the Gary Jules version. sounds more tragic. which i like. both are good though. off topic, head over heels by TFF has always been a sad song to me…though they sing it so “peppy”. “smile on your face as you die” kind of mentally i guess. you usually have bad taste in music, ocean…so i’m not surprised we disagree. *kisses* 😀

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    • Oh really Arpi? i still think the original is much better and sadder to me, especially in the context of the album. i love the film, but Gary Jules version was trying to hard.

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