Please Don’t Speak English!

i never know exactly what i will write on Tuesday mornings until i sit here with my macbook on my lap. i do get ideas throughout the week, but if you know me, then you know i am random, which was actually a nickname a friend gave me years ago, Randomman.

This week’s topic is short because i had an uneventful week-end, so i do not have much to say. Hopefully, it will shed some light on the misunderstood Frenchmen.

People are always complaining that the French do not speak English and that they are rude if you do not speak French to them. Granted, i have only been here two months and i am in Lyon not Paris, but i do not see this as a correct assumption. People here, in Lyon, have been really helpful and kind when i try to speak even a couple of words in French. i recently met some young French people outside of the bistro in my neighbourhood and they asked me how i feel about the French people, since they are known around the world as being rude. i told them that i did not think the people were rude and that they are actually helpful and kind to me. They were actually shocked!

One of the reasons that people say this about the French, in my opinion, is that they visit Paris, one of the biggest and most visited places in the world. It is like going to New York and expecting someone to give you the time, when they do not have time to stop. It is a big city with big city problems and big city attitude. Even the rest of the country speaks of Parisians with a little disdain dripping from their barely understandable English words.

In all fairness, i have heard people from other countries say they do not speak English and then pronounce themselves to be a patriot of their language as if English carried a curse. Even here i have only encountered one person that was really rude to me. i went shopping in the area known as Bellcour, which is a really pleasant walking street shopping area. i walked into FNAC, which is an electronic shop, but i did not know this at the time. i asked the security man what type of shop is this and he responded rather rudely, “I am French! I don’t spik English!” Later i had another problem at FNAC, so i will never shop there again. They are really rude. i recommend Darty for your electronic needs.

This is not my photo. i guess i could go take one, but why waste time on a horrible company.

i know you are wondering how all this fits into the title ‘Please Don’t Speak English” and i am getting there in all my randomness. i came across this picture the other day and it made me laugh because it is so true.

So true!

It is better that we learn French than to try to understand their English, although they do have a really cute way of speaking English. Besides that French is one of the most beautiful languages in the world, so why try to get them to speak English. It is a little pompous to think that everyone should speak English just to accommodate you. If you are going to visit France, then i suggest that you learn just a few basic works before you arrive, then when you get here, just attempted to speak French and apologise for your French and they will more than likely be grateful for your attempt and warm up to you immediately.

And finally, to all the French artist, please sing in French because your English accent does not sound good in song. In general, i feel this way about all non-native English singers. i can hear the accent and the inaudible words and it sound horrible to me. The guy in the video below was a runner-up on a singing contest, but i think if he were not so darn good-looking, then he would had been kicked out long ago because his English singing voice is horrible. i think he would do better in French.

So, in conclusion, French people are better off speaking in French and visitors are better off learning a bit of French before they arrive anywhere other than Paris.

more to come….(plus à venir……)

p.s. Happy Birthday to my good friend Julia. i wish you the best day ever.


4 thoughts on “Please Don’t Speak English!

  1. Now I found my name :))))) Thank you!
    You know, you are getting so good at French that it has been harder and harder to follow your comments since you started to use both languages.

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  3. I tried speaking French in Paris and I found as long as you made the effort the french were very pleasant – the only thing I did learn was don’t try queuing you have to push your way to the front ….

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