One Boy and Two Women

i love when i discover new music, at least new for me because sometimes being in Europe i miss a lot of new stuff from the States.

This week i rediscovered Tori Amos. She has a very special place in my life because i saw her first in Atlanta. She looks really strange in the video, but i like the ethereal sound of her new old song.

Another American singer that plays the piano goes by the name A Fine Frenzy has just released some happy music, so get up and dance around the room.

Jake Bugg is a new artist, he is about 18 years old and this is his first album. If you like British bands like Arctic Monkeys, then you might enjoy it. He has a Dylanesque feel to some of his songs. He might be great soon.

Check out the videos below. Tell me what you think. i get lonely sometimes.

p.s. Last week was a draw between “Can’t Decide” and the Glee version, but if i vote then cannot decide will win.


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