20th of August

The 20th of August is celebrated as a public holiday in Hungary commemorating the foundation of the state. Throughout the country there are many activities the Hungarians can enjoy, but Debrecen probably has the most famous of the celebrations. In Debrecen they have a Flower Carnival. In the morning the people can enjoy floats which are designed with flowers. In the afternoon there are concerts and dances performed. You can buy fresh cooked Debreceni sausage and other delicious Hungarian cuisine from vendors. The traditional Hungarians dances are probably the best part of the whole day.

Unfortunately, i do not have photos of the carnival from this past year, because we went to the lake, but i did go out in the evening to see the dances.

Here are some photos of the event.



5 thoughts on “20th of August

  1. Humble park… I like reading your blog, Ocean! It brings nice memories back too. Adele is the cutest girl-Nate likes her a lot…but is a bit intimidated by her.

  2. I remember this church! We watched a wedding party with hundreds of doves the first time we came to Hungary. And Adele is the sweetest child – what a joy to have her in your life.

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