Special Day

Once again i feel at a loss for words. i know what i am feeling, but not sure how to express it or if i should do it here. This is a place where the whole world can read your every word and then criticize you, ridicule you, rip you to shreds, then spit you out. Sometimes people will surprise you by doing the opposite, they will exalt you, build you up, encourage you on to do better things.

As child i had the former, a lot more than the latter, in fact i can only remember being encouraged to do great things by my grandmother, then she died. For many years i wandered the earth virtually alone, searching for my way, but wishing the end would come soon. And the end did come, but not as i expected it to come.

One day i met what i called my “pseudo parents” or MaandPa. They have been like real parents to me, exactly how i imagined them. When i am doing well they are happy for me, but when i am not doing my full potential, they encourage me to do better. Like real parents they are a pain in the arse too. 🙂 They can misunderstand me or get upset at something i say or do, but also they are very loving, understanding, generous and patient. Without their support and love i would not have reached my dream to live in France.

The hardest part of having parents would be having a father. i never trusted men, especially the ones that are fathers. Then i met Tim. He is a great father. Of course we have disagreements about many things, but he does not hate me for my beliefs and he does not criticise me either. He is patient with me when i help him do a chore that i am not good at, you know manly things, like remodeling a bathroom in the house or hammering a nail into the wall. He never shouts “You are an idiot.”

i am writing this because today is his birthday. He is 71 years young. i want to thank him for all the kindness he has shown me through the past years that i have been blessed to know him. i looked forward to many more years with him as a pa.

Thank you Tim!! Happy Happy Happy Birthday to you. i love you.



6 thoughts on “Special Day

  1. Dearest Ocean- This made both of us cry – tears of joy! thank you for the greatest birthday present for our beloved Pa (well he’s not Pa to me but you know what I mean!) I can’t begin to tell you how happy this made me. Thank you so much!! We love you and will always be there for you.
    Your Ma!!

    • Well, maybe I overshot a little, because I was aiming at just enough to keep you from walking out. Who said that line? hahahaha! My sister said she cried too.You know i love you both immensely. i hope you have a wonderful birthday together.

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