Good News

Finally something good happened. i went to my schedule rendez-vous with OFII – Office Français de l’Immigration et de l’Intégration. i was worried because i had heard some stories that it was difficult and takes a long time, but it was so easy and almost painless.

i arrived on time, turned in my passport, then sat for a few minutes. i was eventually ushered into an office where i was asked a few health questions and then given an eye test (both eyes are fine) and then a diabetes test (a prick to the finger), which was fine too. After that i was sent to the next room, where i had to take off my shirt for an x-ray (that was the painfully part. i never take my shirt off in front of people that i know, so it is more embarrassing in front of a stranger) and then they checked my weight (70 whole kilos). After all that i excited i was sent back to the waiting room, where i waited for the doctor. About five minutes later the doctor called my name, took me to his office, then asked a couple of questions, showed me the x-ray of my lungs (everything is fine), then checked my blood pressure (also good) and then sent me out to the waiting room. Less than five minutes passed and the secretary called my name, put a sticker in my passport, request 58 euros and sent me on my merry way.

It felt good to have that behind me. It was so different from the process in Hungary, which was more like a scavenger hunt. Hungarian bureaucracy is a nightmare. i had to write at least three apology letters for those people. i never actually wrote an apology letter. i always wrote that i am sorry that you feel that i owe you an apology letter. i call it a “special ocean letter.”

After receiving my student visa, i went to a bakery, bought a small chocolate dessert and then went to school. i felt high all day.

more to come….

p.s. Someone asked to see my flat. This is all i see when i am home.



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