Fete Des Lumiere (The Festival Of Lights)

Last night was the third night of the festival, but my second night. The previous night i was much too tired and cold to go out, so i stayed indoors. The 8th of Decembre is the important day of the festival, so there were many more people and many more attractions to see. So i set off last night, alone again, to see some more fancy light shows. i decided to take the underground because the bus wait was 20 minutes. Mistake #1 !
When i got off the metro to transfer, the workers guided all the passengers to the exit. It is a really confusing system, but i will try to explain it. We got off, then exited the station, walked a block to another entrance of the station, waited in a long, long, long line of people, then went back into the station and got onto the train about 100 feet away from where we originally got off. And it was cold out.

After i reached Bellecour, i decided to walk to Hotel de Ville because i heard that the show there was a-mazing. The street in front of me was really crowded, so i cut down a side street. Mistake #2 !!

The street got really crowded quickly because everyone thought the same thing that i had, so i was trapped. Then to make it worse, a little car was also trapped in the crowded. i do not know from where this car came from or how it got there, perhaps the driver had parked there and decided to go for a Saturday night drive. She was not a very intelligent woman. The people just laughed and took pictures of her in the car. i would have taken a photo too, but my camera was in my backpack and i could not get it out. i guess i could have asked the person in my ass to get it out for me, but i was not exactly sure which verb to use and i did not want him to misunderstand me.
At last i made it to the side of the hotel, but to my surprise it was blocked off by guards and all of us had to go back to the street we had started at in the beginning. It did not seem to be a huge disappointment to any of us. Everyone just kept smiling and laughing. Even when the woman was trying to move the car, all the French people were laughing and joking. It is so different than i am used to from the Hungarian people. Everything there was always a big problem. Here they just smile and keep enjoying themselves, after all it is a festival.

Finally, i was able to watch the light presentation on the hotel de ville, three times. After it ended i walked over to a bistro or restaurant, which was serving hot wine and beignets, stood there until the square was filled again and then joined the others to watch it. It was really incredible. The hot wine was really delicious, so delicious that i had two of them. Mistake #3 !!!

i continued looking at other sights, even though i had to throw a yellow (for my Hungarian friends), but eventually it was too difficult to hold in, especially with the cold weather, so i had to go on a search for a toilette. After 30 minutes i found Starbucks, but the line would take me another hour, so i left. Then i went to my favourite pub Broc’Café, which is near Starbucks. The bartender was kind enough to let me use it, even though it was crowded and i was not staying for a beer. If you are in Lyon and like unique places, then i recommend it.

i had wasted so much time looking for a toilette, changing underground trains and going in the wrong direction that midnight had come upon me, so i decided to head home. The public transportation was free until 1 a.m., so i had time to make it home without paying for it.

It was really a great night and i hope to have the same tonight. i made a video of the night with my i-pod. Enjoy !


3 thoughts on “Fete Des Lumiere (The Festival Of Lights)

  1. So creative! I guess that dancer/actor guy will enjoy seeing himself on a large wall like that. 😉 It was fun to hear the voices around you… I’m sorry you had to go exploring alone–although it sounded fun! I wish I were there too! 🙂

  2. Wonderful! Hope you’re feeling better (I don’t want to ask what throwing yellow means!!) and were able to go again for the remaining nights. Stay warm! Love- M&P

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