Thumb Sucking Dream

Last night i had the strangest dream or dreams. In one of my dreams i dreamt that thumb sucking is bad for your children. It went something like this:


In the beginning the child sucks on his thumb. It seems harmless, but it is not good for the teeth. The teeth part was not in my dream, but i believe it is true for one it can cause “open bites” and may cause the front teeth to protrude.

Then the child moves on to bigger things.


Which is not good because of the sugar. It causes cavities.

The as the child grows up he moves on from the lollipop to other items.


No, i do not support Obama, but as you can see, he sucks.

Then there are those that swallow swords, which is also dangerousImage

And finally we are at the end result of sucking your thumb and the reason for which i wrote all this and which is just a silly way to explain the bizarre dream which i dreamt last night, as i wrote earlier, one of the many i had throughout a restless night of sleep.


Sorry, but i cannot show you what those two guys are doing in that photo. (It is really just a black photo.)

If your child sucks his thumb, then he will turn into a homosexual. So, if you do not want a gay child, then stop them from sucking their thumb now.

Okay, it was just a dream, but i thought it was funny.

more to come…

Tell me about a strange dream. i like comments.


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