Good-bye Merlin and Friends

For the past five years of my life i have wasted time watching the BBC series Merlin. The series ended on Christmas Eve, but i just finished it today. i am so disappointed in the finale that i could spit. It was as bad as the finale of X Factor this past season, actually it was worse than all the series that get cancelled without a finale for the viewers. It was a horrible ending to a somewhat family friendly series and a light drama with some comedic tones, especially between the two lead actors.

Spoiler alert below !!


King Arthur dies in the finale. He just became king and has not united the kingdom and he learns of Merlin being a sorcerer as he is dying. i felt betrayed by the writers. They failed miserably at their jobs and the queen should shout, “Off with their heads.” In my opinion they ruined a great series by killing Arthur while he is still young and they changed the history of King Arthur, which is unforgivable. If they had jumped in time, then it would have been plausible, but they did not except to show Merlin as an old man walking on a highway today. That was really bizarre.

Why am i so angry about a series? Because it seems like my life at the moment.

Since i moved to Lyon i have been alone. i do not have friends here, so i spend a lot of time trying to connect with my friends on Facebook and Skype, but it is not easy. i usually have the same feeling that i felt watching Arthur die. Disappointment. i feel as though my best friend died. And in many ways he has died.

Someone told me that the people left are the ones that are at a loss of what to do when someone moves away to another country, but i have to say i disagree. They still have friends and family to fill up that void, but the person that moved and on a new adventure has the holidays to survive alone. They have to go to films alone. They have to eat alone. They have to cry alone.

Okay, that is really depressing, but i usually feel that way during the holiday because i am usually alone. i think moving to a new country should happen during the beginning of a new year, then you have the whole year to meet people and possibly meet some people to fill that void left by all those that you have left.

Unfortunately it is hard to fill the void of leaving your best friend behind. i have done it two or three times now and none of my best friends have remained my best friend. All of them have somewhat died because of the writers of my life story. i wish i could be the queen for a day, then i could shout, “Off with their heads.” and then i could re-write the ending to all these tales.

more to come…


2 thoughts on “Good-bye Merlin and Friends

  1. Ocean dear – this made me sad, something I don’t like feeling! Where is your list of blessings? Will Skype you tomorrow.
    Love always – Ma Carol

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