Can’t We All Get Along

Okay, i was going to write a lot about how i went to my favourite pub last night and how the people do not eat at the pub, which is a restaurant and that they order pizza from the pizzeria next door and the waiter carries it over and no one seems to mind, but then i accidentally deleted everything, so i will not write all that, but i will get to the point.

i sat at my favourite table next to the window, so i can see outside into the street as i study my french. The people next to my table had returned and the guy saw me sitting there and the woman’s bag was open on the back of the chair. he looked at me suspiciously and when the women i could hear him saying something and the girl checked her purse. It was really funny for me because this guy had tattoos all over, a shaved head and looked like he just got out of prison. i wanted to say that i am not a thief, but decide to say nothing. When they heard me speak English they probably changed their minds, but then again the U.S. if filled with a bunch of (former European) thieves. They stole land from the Indians.

But history is filled with countries taking land from other countries, as the Hungarian will cry about if you let him or even if you do not let him. Hopefully they will get it back one day. i saw in the news that Argentina wants the Falklands from England, which is strange since Argentina took the land from the different groups of people who inhabited that area at the time. i would be quiet Argentina.

My point was can’t we all get along?

i do not believe we can because we are all different, from different religions and different cultures and we cannot accept that which is different. We will never have peace on this earth. Maybe some sense of a false peace, but never a real peace. People will always be suspicious of other people. They will always think you are taking something that belongs to them or they will think their religion is the right one and if you do not follow it, then you are going to hell or worse they kill you for it.

So although the song below is nice and wishful thinking for most of us, unfortunately it will never be. But we can enjoy this day and finish our tasty Christmas beer from Belgium, especially after the tattoo people left.

more to come…

please feel free to leave comments. i feel alone here.


6 thoughts on “Can’t We All Get Along

  1. Tamas, if the reason we are human is to try to get along – unsuccessfully – and then we just die, then what is the point of that? I think we need a greater motivation.

    • i do not know Tamas, but i have to agree with Nick. i have to hope that there must be something greater out there for which created me. But i think each man has to find it for himself. i think this does separate us from the animals because animals just devour each other, although some people do too, but i think most humans have a desire for peace with other humans whether it is their family member, neighbour or a stranger on the street. And the rest want to be a god and rule the world, so we have tense which will never be resolved.

  2. The inner desire we have for world peace is one of many things about us that bears witness to the fact that we were created for perfection, and we have long to get back to it. This longing is nothing less than the longing for redemption, and it will only be fulfilled in the Kingdom of God.

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