Best of 2012

i just realised that i had not made a best of/worst of list for 2012. So for today i will make a best list in no particular order.

– Moving to France is a lifelong dream.

The Dark Knight – great finale to the trilogy.

– Moving away from Hungary

– The Avengers. i love comic book films

– The Hobbit. love it, i think haters are gonna hate.

– Eating French food

– Visiting the Caves of Hungary

– The Amazing Spider-Man. i enjoyed it, even though Andrew Garfield was wrong for the part.

The Hunger Games film and the book series. i read all of them.

– The Help, it was a great book.

– Hugo, another great film, but perhaps i am sentimental.

Le Petit Nicolas, i love these types of films about growing up, perhaps i can relate to the struggles and the ending expressed my desire as a child and still today.

– 50/50 a great comedy about cancer and it stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, one of my favourite actors. i still need to watch Looper.

– All the good-bye parties in my last summer of Budapest, especially at Grandio and cooking at my little flat.

– The Return of No Doubt.

– Hanging out with my friend Tamas, just cooking or watching Parks and Recreation, Community, Supernatural, Game of Thrones and Modern Family.

i hope 2013 will have more exciting highlights, i am excited about some of the new music and films coming out. i am also hoping to travel around France and neighbouring countries. The worst list will come later this week.

What were some of your highlights for 2012?

more to come…



4 thoughts on “Best of 2012

  1. 2012 was an interesting year! My son got married. My daughter gave me my first grandchild. I moved to California. And in between was life 😉
    Ocean, I love reading your thoughts and going ons!!!!! Thank you my friend!!!

  2. It is sad, that moving away from Hungary is in your best list but good to see that this is a long list.

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