New Music 2013 – Bowie and One D

Well, it is only the second week of 2013 and we are graced with the return of the Thin White Duke himself, David Bowie. i was shocked to learn of his return. i checked out the new song, but i am not sure how i feel about it. i will listen to it a few times. Perhaps it is reflective of getting older and i do feel i am getting older too, but i do not like to think about it. Bowie sounds old in this song, which is good because we can know that he actually sang it, unlike Rihanna and the likes of her. Give it a listen and write what you think about it in the comment box.

Also new this week is a video from One Direction. Sorry, but i have to admit that i like this “boy band” which is a first for me. i never listened to boy bands growing up. Perhaps i like them because i saw each of them on X Factor as individuals trying to get on the series. You never know, there could be a George Michael in there. By that, i meant a talent singer and writer, not a guy that visits bathroom’s from time to time for sex with men, but i guess it is possible too.

but this is my favourite One Direction song which Ed Sheeran wrote for them.


4 thoughts on “New Music 2013 – Bowie and One D

    • i will give it more listens before i decide. i think you are right about it being what he should be doing, unlike some that try to do things that make them seem younger, but comes off silly.

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