Oscar Nominations Letdown

i am not excited about the nominations this year, but it may have something to so with the lack of seeing any of the films. This is a first for me, but i am not worried because a large percent will arrive in the end of January in Lyon.

i do not understand why a foreign film was nominated in Best Picture category and Foreign Language too. i totally disagree. The Academy is probably making a political statement, but i am not sure what it would be. Where is Ben Affleck?

i will write more as i watch the films. What are your thoughts? Which films are you rooting for this year? Which actor?



more to come…


2 thoughts on “Oscar Nominations Letdown

  1. Personally, I haven’t been thrilled with the “Academy” for years. It has gotten too political, too far fetched and boring. Almost predictable. I don’t want to hear an overpaid performer tell me their political view. Oh oh…I am rambling. Whoops. I do want to see Argo though. 🙂

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