King Again and Empathy from Alanis

Today is Thursday, so i like to post a video of something that has caught my ear. i really love Alanis Morissette and i think this is one of her best new songs. i love the strong Canadian accent that adds another layer to her carefully thought out lyrics. i dedicate it to my best friend. i hope you enjoy it.

and i had another king cake this week. Guess who was the king again. You are correct if you thought “ocean.” This one was even better because i found Spider-Man. i wonder if there is a Superman and Batman. That would be totally awesome.

It snowed one morning this week, so i posted a couple photos to show the nice view from the appartement.


This is the view from the kitchen. It is very nice to look at while i make my morning cafe.


i love photos of falling snow. Each one is really different, but i think two of them are almost the same, perhaps they are twins.


i wanted to be Spider-Man when i was younger, about three days younger then now.

more to come…


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