American Idol

Does anyone still watch A.I.? i was very excited for it to return, especially after the disappointing season of The X Factor. i still cannot believe that a country singer won on the sympathy vote.

i was thrilled when i learnt that Mariah Carey was joining A.I. as a judge, but not so happy about Nicki Minaj. She is not a real singer and has only been in the business a few years, so i do not think she has anything to offer to contestants. Now that the new season has premiered, i feel vindicated in my thoughts about her. The sound of her voice makes me cringe because it is like someone is holding her nose while she talks. The other bad thing about her is the cat fights with Mariah. It is disgusting to watch.

i really do not think she will be returning next year, if A.I.’s producers listen to the public. Without fail, every post on Facebook from Idol is filled with the fans demanding her to leave before they make it to Hollywood or the live shows.

As for me, i am very disappointed. The talent has been lackluster so far. i will continue to check it out for a few more weeks, but if it does not improve, then i will stop viewing it as i did with The Voice, which is by far the worst of the singing competitions. My favourite singing series are the ones in U.K. and Australia because they seem to focus on the singing and not the judges.

What do you think? Do you watch Idol? Or X Factor or The Voice? Are you excited about this season?

One too many judges and one judges need to retire.

more to come…


3 thoughts on “American Idol

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  2. That silly girl is NOT a singer nor an entertainer!!! Sadly what has been coming along the new road of singers is lacking. I only watch AI during the tryouts. Other than that, no. In fact this year I don’t even want to bother 😦

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