And The Oscar goes to…

And The Oscar goes to…

i love to hear those words. i know it is rather silly, but i love to watch The Oscars. i am usually disappointed because the Academy gives out awards to films that do not deserve it.

Last year was the worst. The Artist won for Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Director. Really? It was awful. The dog stole the film and was a better actor than Jean Dujardin. The Artist became the most awarded film in French history. The French make some of the best films, but that was not one of them.

Okay, let’s move on to this year. We have 9 films from which to pick one best. In my opinion it should be eight films. Amour should not be in the Best Picture and Best Foreign Language Film or there should be a best English Language Film award. Also, this year The Academy decided to overlook Ben Affleck for Best Director. i am sure most of their decisions are political.

Best Picture – Argo Ben Affleck created a masterpiece. Zero Dark Thirty or Silver Lining Playbook would be my second choice. Least favourite of all the films was Beast of the Southern Wild. i just did not get it. Most surprising for me was Django Unchained. i have never liked a Tarantino film, but i found it to be a little exciting and entertaining.  If the word nigger offends you, then you might not want to watch it because it is used freely. It was the word used for black people in the U.S at that time of history. It seems to be a trend this year because it is used in Lincoln too. Lincoln was a good film, but not Best Picture.


Best Actor – Daniel Day-Lewis Day-Lewis is Lincoln. i bet Mary Todd, Lincoln’s wife, could not tell the difference.


Best Actress – Naomi Watts She carried the film The Impossible. She was incredible as a wife and mother looking for her family in the aftermath of a tsunami. Second choice would be Jennifer Lawrence or Jessica Chastain.

Naomi Watts – The Impossible

Best Supporting Actor – Robert DeNiro He was great in the role of Pat Sr in SLP. He has not been this good in a few years. Tommy Lee Jones was playing himself in Lincoln, so he should not have been nominated.


Best Supporting Actress – Anne Hathaway First off, i hate musicals and secondly i think Anne is just okay, but she convinced me in the role of Fantine that she could act. He scenes were mesmerizing and ripped at the heart. Sally Field would be a second choice. She was great as Mary Todd Lincoln, but she is Sally.


For the rest of The Oscars i cannot completely decide for various reasons, but for Director, perhaps Spielberg or Ang Lee or David O. Russell. i do not lean in favour of one director this year because i think it should have been for Affleck. Wreck-It Ralph was my favourite animated film, but i have not seen all of them yet.

Well that is my opinion. What is your opinion? Which film are you rooting for this year?

more to come…

Sorry, i have been away from my blog, but i was ill for a week and got out of the habit of writing. i will catch up soon.


3 thoughts on “And The Oscar goes to…

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    • i love films about movies, but The Artist was god awful to me. i like your article. You were more detailed, unfortunately i did not have enough time to write because of studying. Perhaps next year. 🙂

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