Invest In A Future

Hello everyone.

i want to go to cooking school or if not then a University to get a degree. i am leaning toward cooking school.

i have never been one to ask for help, especially financial help, but i noticed that many people do ask for it and the world does not fall apart. i watched a video from TED on Facebook today and this woman was sort of speaking to me. She is a musician that actually tries to give her music away for free by depending on the fans to support her and the band. i am an artist of sorts too and give myself to others through my writing. i give my heart when i post a poem or when i write about my life, my fears, my struggles, my joys and triumphs; i am giving others my art and myself. i also saw a guy on WordPress ask for donations to get a new computer and publish his book. He received it all.

i have worked my whole life. My first job was at the age of 12. i used to work in a small restaurant in New Orleans. A man gave me a job washing dishes, working the cash register and frying the chicken. From there i worked in different jobs after school, during the weekends and during the summer. i have worked in an office, department store, union job, hotel, restaurants and as an English teacher in Hungary for 10 years. Teaching was rewarding, but the pay in Hungary did not allow for saving money, in fact i never had enough money to eat, but a friend helped and i had another part-time job. The point is that i am not lazy bugger nor a beggar.

Now, i live in France and have been studying french for six months. My wish was to go to cooking school or to get a job working in a restaurant where i could be trained as a cook. Unfortunately, it is not easy to find someone to give me a chance without a cooking degree or cooking experience. i have researched many cooking schools and the cheapest are in Europe. There is one here in France which is about 13,000 euro for one year and they offer a two-year program. They also offer a paid internship, so i will be able to work for some of the money needed for the next year.

My other choice is a school in the U.S., which i just discovered. It is located in Colorado and Texas, but i would not want to live in Texas. i had not considered moving to the U.S., but this school is very interesting. They are fast paced, so i could finish the pastry program in 20ish weeks, so then i could start working as a pastry chef. The culinary program is longer, about 40 weeks and i am interested in it too. It is accredited, so i might be able to get a few dollars out of the government. i posted their videos below.

If i return to the U.S. i will need money for it, but i would rather study in France. Even after studying in France i could still get a job in the U.S., if needed. i am at a crossroad, but do not worry because i will not make a deal with the devil. i will decide which school after my interview with Escoffier today.

i am asking you, my friends, to consider helping me through this situation. i need financial support to go to school or to return to the U.S. (i do not have enough to fly there).  i am willing to pay back those that need the money returned as soon as i start working. i will also keep you up-to-date on my life at school through my blog by sharing stories and photos. Or if you want, i will be able to cook for you after i graduate. You can write at

If you do not want to help me, that is okay too, but keep me in your prayers as i embark of a new adventure.

Thank you.

more to come…


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