American Idol 2013

This might be the worst season of American Idol that i have ever watched. It is so bad that i do not even care who wins. i think i watch it just to see how much further down the crapper it can go.

Last week my favourite singer, Burnell Taylor, was sent home because The United States is filled with a bunch of idiots that vote on sympathy instead of talent. This season was definitely fixed so that a girl would finally win; the past five years it has been a male vocalist. Listen to Lazaro Arbos sing and tell me what you think.

Lazaro, somewhere, way out there, perhaps over the rainbow, there is a cruise ship that might hire you to sing to people that only have the option of listening or jumping. i would jump ship.

The only performance that moved me a little was the final one from Candice Glover; a slowed version of The Cure’s Lovesong.

more to come…


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