The Beginning Is Near

the beginning is near

i am closing in on my last two months in Lyon quickly; my courses will be completed at the end of June or the beginning of July. As of now, i do not have a home to go to or a way to get there. Am i worried? Just a bit, but deep down i know it will all work out, as it always does for me.

i have two months to live here, so i have decided to try to enjoy it. i have 20 hours of school lessons and then homework, but i cannot really enjoy the beauty and the culture of the city, the country and the people by sitting in my room doing homework.

At the moment my parents, Tim and Carol (they are not my birth parents, but they act like real parents, which i am grateful to have in my life), are visiting, so i am spending quality time with them. i am seeing all the sights that i have not seen and tasting food that i have not tasted. i must say that Lyon is a beautiful city with some of the best cuisine i have ever tasted; they make the best bread and pastries i have ever eaten. i have not tasted frog legs yet, but it is high on my bucket list.

As for the future after June, i am at a loss. i tried to raise money for a culinary school in Colorado, but it was unsuccessful. So, i will not be going to culinary school, unless a miracle happens. i also tried to raise money to get home, but once again success alluded me. i posted ads on-line to teach English, but i have not received any calls. i sent my C.V. to a school that needs a teacher, but they cannot hire me because i have not finished my degree.

So what will i do? Where do i go? i do not know, but i am looking forward to seeing how it all plays out.

more to come….


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