Why Cats?

Yesterday i posted a single photo of a cat and so many people checked it out. So disappointing.

Why disappointing? Because i hate cats and it means that most people like cat photos more than my written word. i guess i could make this a photo blog. i could walk around the city, search for kitties doing cute things, take a photo, then post it for all of you to ogle, but that would bore me.

Or i could just write reviews about films, post them and then wait for someone to read it.

Or i could post some really horrible poetry, then wait for other depressing people to read it.

Or i could post video clips of my favourite songs, then wait for people to watch them and say they love it too.

Or i could be me and do all of them because i like randomness.

i just wish for more interaction from people. i look at other blogs and see many comments from the public and i get a little jealous. Okay, i guess it takes time to get a blog that has heavy traffic and many comments. i also need to learn patience. i have confessed two character flaws, but hopefully nobody will use it against me.

Here are the last photos of my trip to Paray-le-Monial.


A house in Paray


A church in Paray


A Bridge in Paray


Another House in Paray


A Waiter in Paray

There was a flood in Paray during our vacation. i saw a cow walking down the bike trail after the flood. She looked a bit lost, but she found all the other girls and they had a grand time together.

DSC_0007 DSC_0010 DSC_0019

more to come…


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