Mariah Carey and Miguel have a new song together that is reminiscent of the old Motown sound of the 60’s.

The song is awesome, but the video is uninspired. In the video Mariah is dancing around half-naked, which she did in that one video not so long ago…oh wait she does it in almost all of her videos.

If you read the comments on YouTube and other places around the internet, people are blasting her, but not for the usual reasons, they think she is too old to wear sexy clothing and doing a sexy dance.

Why are people so stupid? When did 43 become too old? Madonna has recently received the same criticism when she turned 50. i think old people want to be thought of as sexy too. i appreciate the fact that they want to be sexy, but i do not watch it either.

i noticed in the American society they tend to put the old people away, either into old folk’s homes or Florida, which is old folk’s state. In Europe, they take care of their elderly and they do not send them away. Europeans spend time with their family, their children and their elderly. In this respect Europeans are more civilised than Americans.

Sorry for the rant. i sort of drifted off topic. Mariah and Miguel are awesome, so listen to the summer hit.

The top video is the sexy one and the bottom one is not.

P.S. i dedicate it to all those beautiful mothers that actually raised their children.


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