Slavery Bad, Payback Bad Too

Many people today believe that they are owed something because of something that happen a long time ago. i disagree. If we go with that mentality then many of us could find a group that owes us for something. This is in regards to Haiti wanting money from France. You can read the article at the end of this post.

Cajuns unite

i am from New Orleans, Louisiana and my people are French Americans, but more popularly known as Cajuns. The Cajuns were from Nova Scotia, Canada, formally known as Acadia. They were kicked out of their land during the French and Indian War, which history calls the Expulsion of the Acadians (1755-1763), eventually they (the ones that survived, many died) settled in the area now known as Louisiana; that crappy state that has terrible heat, many hurricanes and huge rats. So, i make a motion that we are given back our land in Canada or at least made citizens.


To learn more about it read Evangeline by Longfellow

acadian-expulsion-image que6p4b

Hungarians revolt

How about Hungarians? A large portion of their land was ripped away after World War 1 in the Treaty of Trianon and given to the neighbouring countries, especially Romania. Should not it be given back to them? Many of those people still suffer because they are basically living in a foreign country.


Smooth move J.P. Morgan

The list could go on and on with groups of people who have had something taken from them. Perhaps there should be a statute of limitations. Or like J.P. Morgan did in the U.S., they set up a $5 million scholarship fund for poor black kids to go to college and made an apology, even after they were brought to court and the case was dismissed. Great P.R. move.

Past or present, where to live

My problem is that these people were not the ones to hurt them, it was their ancestors. Are we to pay for the sins of our ancestors? It seems like we have enough crap in the present, so why worry about the past or the future. It is time to forgive the past and focus on making today brighter, so the future will not be so dismal.

What do you think? Agree or disagree?

more to come…


2 thoughts on “Slavery Bad, Payback Bad Too

  1. Oh my yes I agree!!! I am living now! Not hundreds of years ago! I did not do what was done to whoever was the recipient.
    Personally am so very tired of the slavery slavery slavery chant!!! Tired of the they did this, so I deserve this mentality!
    Get over it already!!

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