Every year Europeans gather around the television to watch Eurovision. What is Eurovision? It is a contest like American Idol or X Factor, in which singers sing one song from the country they represent, but not necessarily their own country, as when Celine Dion won for Switzerland, so i do not quite understand the rules. It seems like it should be a singer from that country, with a song written specifically for Eurovision.

But for me, watching Eurovision is like watching the Special Olympics for singers and songwriters. (Trademark pending) It is just awful. Most of the time the singer is trying to sing in English with a horrible accent or the lyrics and music sound like it might have been a marginal hit in the 70’s. These are songs that if you heard them on the radio you would change the station or perhaps you might hear them in an elevator, which is why i usually take the stairs.

The origins behind Eurovision are interesting. It was after WWll, Switzerland wanted to bring the countries together, so they started this contest. They won the first year. Imagine that. You can read more about it on the internet.

i think it is funny because if you read the comments on the internet, it actually seems to divide countries. People argue that it is political if their country does not win or that it was rigged.

What do you think about Eurovision?

Hungary, but the singer is not very good. He sounds like he had too many cigarettes and palinka. The music is nice.

Denmark, the winner, bland.

Greece, i know their economy is terrible, so i guess they could not afford to get a singer or some modern music. They do love free alcohol, but who does not.

Sweden, out of tune and perhaps forgot his lyrics, either way painful to listen to.

Romania, most creative, mostly horrible singing and most gayest thing i have ever seen.

France, honestly, this is the most rocking bluesy song i heard in the contest, but it is in French and they do not care about English. i post the actual video.

more to come…


7 thoughts on “Eurovision

  1. The Romanian one was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen/heard in my life. If it hasn’t been so bizarre I wouldn’t have watched the video 5 times. It was like when you drive by a car accident and can’t take your eyes off of it.

      • I was trying to figure out what the Romanian dance was supposed to be about. Seems that the gay men somehow transformed into women. Their dream come true?
        Also, one of the worst parts of the song were the terrible lyrics with the easy rhymes.
        The Hungarian some had very creative and well written lyrics – but that was missed by most people simply because it was in Hungarian. I could care less if byealex wasn’t the best singer. His song was the most creative. He should have won.

      • Hahahahaha! That was the weirdest dance ever. It is kind of uncomfortable to watch. But i like you interpretation of it.
        i read the lyrics of the Hungarian song and it was okay, but part of the contest is singing and his voice killed it for me. The music was the simplest. It is difficult to win if you do not sing in English. Some French have said that is why they sing in French, it is their own private f@ck you to the whole contest.

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