Update Of My Life

i have written more about  so many random things in my life, that i have forgotten to write something about me. This is sort of update, so if you do not know me this might not be interesting for you.

i have a little over a month left here in Lyon, France. It has been a good year, especially since i changed residence last Novembre. My French has not progressed as much as i would have liked, but that is partly because my school sucks. i will write a review of it later.

It was a great idea to move here from Budapest because i think i became too depressed in Hungary and the French air has brought back some happiness to me. i think to return to the U.S. will be a culture shock, but not as strong as it would have been if i had moved directly from Hungary.

i still have the dream of going to cooking school, but it seems like it is a dead dream. i tried to raise funds to help me start paying on the tuition or even my airfare to the U.S., but i was not very successful. $125.00 is not enough to get to the U.S., but it will get me to the airport. i am thankful to those two friends that donated.

i will go to Colorado in the beginning. i have friends that live there and they have offered me a place to sleep while i get on my feet. i am a little afraid of Colorado because they seem to have quite a few crazy people there, like serial killer crazy or mass shooter crazy. My friends live in a small village, Longmont, so hopefully it is safer than the big city Boulder, which is close to Longmont.

i will search for a job and then see where life takes me. If i cannot go to cooking school because of the tuition, then i might try college again, although that is expensive too, i can take a couple of courses at a time, which is more affordable. i would focus on English as a major, then perhaps i could teach ESL students again. It is not my dream, but it would be a job.

One thing worse about Lyon than Budapest, they have too many trees and i am having a terrible allergy attack this spring. Pray that i survive it.

i guess that is all for now. If you have any information that could help me, then please write me.



more to come…


5 thoughts on “Update Of My Life

  1. There is beauty everywhere!!! Crazies too. BUT! I think with good friends and finding work or some schooling, you will be fine 🙂 Don’t forget to explore!

  2. Colorado is a beautiful state and the only “crazy” you will have to worry about in Longmont is Nick 😛

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