Meet the Hungarians…The Saga Continues (Castles)

This blogger writes about Hungarian culture. i like it because i learn some things that i did not know about.

The Polar Zone

Have you ever heard of the term “Hot Headed Hungarian?”  I like to refer to it as passionate.  When the hubby first met my family he always tells the story about walking into a conversation where everyone was yelling.  Imagine people speaking in very loud voices, hands pointing at one another, faces turning hues of red; and all this happening in a language considered one of the hardest to learn in the world. No they were not mad or arguing; it was just a passionate conversation!  That is not to say we are not known for our tempers, it’s only that a person or people can feel strongly about things and there is nothing wrong with that.  Maybe it is one of the reasons why I feel so out-of-place here in the south.  I am no wallflower nor a southern bell by any means; and my time in the Navy did not help to “filter” the words…

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