Hungarian Cherries

It is nice when Hungary is in the news and it is not about their idiotic government, but about their few contributions to the world.

This is a simple story about their sour cherry tree making its way to Michigan. This is really good news for me because i love to use it in my fruit soup, although i think any sour cherry will do the job, i prefer to have it taste exactly the way i prepared it in Hungary.

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The named was changed from Újfehértói Fürtös to Balaton, which is a stupid name; i would have named it Hungarian Sour Cherry because most Americans will not get the connection of Balaton to Hungary.

If only i could find Punc Pudding.


3 thoughts on “Hungarian Cherries

  1. I have always referred to it has Cherry Soup, so I’ve learned something new myself. My mother makes it, though out of all the Hungarian soups; funny enough it is not one of my favorites at all. I love cherry’s!!! Just not in soup…..pie is great! 🙂

    • i think it depends on what is in the soup. There is Cherry Soup, but it is made with cherries. i make another which has mixed fruit. It is not my favourite of the soups, but probably my second. My favourite is Jokai Bableves, which i also prepare myself. i love pie too, but American, not Hungarian.

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