Galocher in the U.S.A.

i could not pass this piece of new by without a comment. The French have officially made a word for “french kissing” and it only took them 100 years to do it. Progress is happening here, so watch out world here come the French.

The official word is galocher, which means to kiss with tongues.

My real question is for the Americans. If soldiers from WWI came up with this from their time in France during the war, what did the Americans do before it? Did they only kiss on the lips without tongue? Or just the cheeks (the upper ones)? i know Americans are considered sexually repressed, but surely they kissed before WWI. Or did they?

There are even songs about it. My favourite was Debbie Harry‘s (of Blondie) French Kissin’ in the U.S.A.

more to come…


One thought on “Galocher in the U.S.A.

  1. This article is a bit weird for two reasons . There always have been many colloquial or slang terms to mean “French” kiss in French . (Only in English a kiss is said “French” anyway ). Galocher, rouler une pelle, rouler un patin, etc…

    1 ) The fact of elevating a slang word to an official status is done every year . It just happens that this year “galocher” is concerned .

    2 ) In correct French, French kissing is “embrasser”, an old word which lost its original meaning . Cheek kissing is “faire la bise” . When a French means he French kissed ( what a ridiculous term !) a lady he uses “embrasser” and everybody understands .

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