Update On My Life


Finally, i have a ticket to the U.S. i will leave from Budapest (it is much cheaper to leave from there than Frankfurt) on the 19th of August to Colorado. Someone provided the airfare for me, but i will leave it anonymous because they know who they are and how much i appreciate them for the help and they do not seek rewards here.

Now, i have a month and two weeks in Lyon. i will leave and bum around until the date of my departure. i will depend on the kindness of friends because i will be completely broke. If you have a place that i can rest, please write me.

i still need money to ship all my necessary things back to the U.S. and to start cooking school in Septembre, so i left the fundraiser site up for donations, if you want to help. Thank you, if you do help and if not, then please post it to Facebook or Twitter and maybe someone out there will help me.


The weather here is still unpredictable; we have sunshine, then clouds, then rain and thunder, then it snows a bunch of pollen, so i am having a bad attack of allergies this year.

i am excited about the prospect of going to cooking school, so much so, that i have trouble remaining in the present. i have been forgetting to enjoy each day that i have in this beautiful city.

i will continue to work on writing, i hope to improve enough to write a book or short stories one day. Also i want to work on my film reviews, but it is not easy to get the films here.

Enough about me. What are you doing? How is your life?

more to come…


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