Three Cheers for Cheerios

Have you seen the commercial for Cheerios with the interracial family? The father is black and the mother is white. They have a young daughter. It seems that it has caused a bit of a stir in the U.S.

The commercial is about how good Cheerios is for the heart, so the little girl pours it on the father while he is sleeping. It is really silly and the mother is a horrible actress, but other than that, it is fine. i do not find it cute at all.

The only reason Cheerios is better for the heart than most cereals, is the lack of sugar and taste. i think it was ingenious of General Mills to come up with a way to get people excited about a bowl of bland cereal. Now, all the liberals will start buying Cheerios to protest against the red-necks and the black women that hate seeing their men jump the fence for a white girl.


Cheerios makes no promises. It may reduce your cholesterol, but then again it may not. They should promise to be as flavourless as possible.

Growing up in New Orleans i had a few friends that were mulatto, as they referred to themselves. We did not think any differently of them, but they did say that blacks treated them as outcast. i can imagine it must be hard growing up in the middle of two races and not quite feeling that you belong to either. If you look more on the black side in the racist south, then you will be treat that way.

i just cannot understand how the U.S. still has racism in 2013, but not only the U.S., but around the world people are racist. Every country that i have lived or visited has a bit of racism in it, especially Hungary. Hungarians hate the Gypsies. i have heard more racist comments against Gypsies in Europe than i ever heard from blacks against white or whites against blacks in U.S.A.

Isn’t it time to put away the racism and love one another? Although we have different skin tones, different cultures, different religions, different languages and different ways of thinking, we are all the same on the inside. We all want the same thing. We want to be loved and appreciated for who we are.

Or at least most of us just want to be loved. Isn’t it so? Perhaps i am gullible.

What do you think?

more to come…


One thought on “Three Cheers for Cheerios

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