Miss World

When i hear the words Miss World, i think of a Hole song, but this year it has more to do with a competition of young women from around the world. The battle of the brainless Barbies is being held in Indonesia this year, so they cancelled the swimsuit part of the contest due to some muslims groups complaining.


Miss World 2013


Miss World 2014 (i think the feminist would like it because one of them could win.)

i do not care about Obama, but a lot of people are complaining about it being his fault. Sorry, but Obama does not have anything to do with this so-called travesty. Miss World started in England as a bikini contest for the newest swimwear; so the ones that are “bending over backwards” for the Muslims are in England and not the U.S. Again, Obama is not the blame this time.

i never watch this or any other pony show and i do not usually care, but i do care that they change the competition for one religious group and not for another group.

Are they saying that Christians, Feminist Groups, the Pope or any other group, is not important enough to change the rules. Or is the message that they too fear the Muslims?

Perhaps, if a Band of Feminist (i think that would be a great name for a rock group) start blowing up people, then they, the offending committees of the world, would not only hear, but listen to them.

Or if the Christians start bombing buildings when late night comedians make fun of Jesus, then i bet the jokers would no longer offend.

Or if the Pope could prove that he was really from God, maybe show a special badge like Dr. Who, then someone might actually have listened to him the first time he condemned Miss World and we would not be talking about it today.

If you are really against the Miss World pageant, do not watch it this year. Send a big message to the committee. Hit them in the pocket and they will listen.

This is the world we live in today and it will not get better. i am a realist.


more to come…


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