Britain’s Got Talent?


Every year i watch Britain’s Got Talent with the expectation of seeing a new British talent rise above all the other talented artist for that glorious prize of performing in front of the Queen at the Royal Variety performance. Oh, and the cash prize of £250,000 isn’t bad either. But this year, as with last year, i was in for a surprise.

Britain’s (hasn’t) Got Talent winner was not even British. The winner this year, Attraction, was a shadow dance group from Hungary and last year the winner was a dog, which says a lot for me how the series has progressed in the past two years.

In fact, this year the series was so bad that the most exciting thing that happened was during the final. A women, for reasons yet unknown, threw some eggs at Simon and Amanda called her a stupid cow on live television.

This year even more than last year, i had lost interest in the series. i did not see many acts worth rooting for, except for Jack Carroll, a standup comedian that does not actually standup. He has cerebral palsy. He is an example of someone who has a challenge in life, but does not let it bring him down. He is very funny.

The only other act that i could root for was also Hungarian, but they did not announce it loudly, was Freelusion. They are an interactive 3D dance group, but were eliminated during semi-finalists week.

About half of the acts were singers. i love singers, but i rather see them on X Factor. Where is the variety?

The British public has asked the same question, but they are the ones voting. They also want to know why a Hungarian group won this year, but once again they are the voters. Simon Cowell has stated that he welcomes foreign acts and that the British will need to step up their game. Simon should heed his words or he will lose a lot of viewers.

i can sympathise with the British public because you think you are watching a program about your local talent, but a foreign group comes in and takes the prize. It must be a bit frustrating.

But SImon Cowell is and has been about making money, so he tries to sign acts that will go global, in hopes of making more money.

Unfortunately, i thought the winners were not as great as most people thought. i especially thought the final performance was a big ass kissing fest to the British public for votes. It was completely different from the first two performances, which were typical depressing Hungarian stories.

Actually, the first two stories were the same, one was a father dying and the other was about a mother dying. i have seen better dance groups on America’s Got Talent, which started this week. Hopefully it has not gone to the dogs as well.

Oh wait, last year a dog act won AGT too, but it was a better dog act than BGT.

Is there a great Hungarian act available to win this year?

Perhaps, but it is difficult for foreigners to get into the country, unless they sneak in through the well guarded borders.

more to come…


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