15 Days to Departure

i cannot believe that i will be leaving Lyon in 15 days. It seems like i moved here yesterday.

i have my made all my reservations for my departure from Lyon to Germany to London, back to Germany, to Hungary and then finally to the U.S. Thank you to all those that have helped and offered me places to sleep and eat.

Now, i have to figure out how to get my things to the U.S., but it looks like i will have to throw most of it away, all my books and journals and other precious items.

A few friends have told me to get rid of my things, but i would love to see the same people get rid of the precious things in their life. It really pisses me off. i think it is easy for people to tell others to get rid of their things, but are they willing to do it. i wonder. i am not a hoarder by nature; i prefer throwing things out, but at my will. i have had many things taken away from me, either by fire or theft from former roommates, so i have very little and i would like to keep my precious things a little longer.

But in the end, we cannot take it with us when we die, unless you are rich enough to have it buried with you, like an Egyptian king.

As for cooking school, i am still unsure if i will make it, but i can hope for another month. i am going to try to focus on enjoying the last two months of life in Europe, especially since summer has finally arrived.


i love stairs too. Sometimes in life we go up the stairs and sometimes we go down the stairs, unless you cannot walk, then you have to take the elevator.

more to come…



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