Culture Comes To Google and The Internet


Google is adding new things to draw in new users, possibly in hopes of conquering Facebook. The latest addition to the Google family is the Cultural Institute. i personally think it is a good idea sharing art on the web. But has Google met the youth of today?

They spend most of their time on the internet, but not to look at art. Most people seem to spend time looking at stupid cat photos, videos of cats and stupid people on YouTube, playing games on Facebook or online games or looking at photos of their friend’s dinner from yesterday.


Over on Google+ i have noticed people seem more interested in politics, science or cultural things. i really wish Google+ had become bigger than or at least as big as Facebook then perhaps the world would be a bit brighter. Hopefully this new site will bring more people over to the + side.

There are different projects happening in the Cultural Institute, but the one that caught my attention was the Stories Of The Holocaust. The link below will lead you to a tragic love story. i realised that as tragic as my love life has been, it will never be that tragic.

Screen Shot 2012-10-11 at 1.53.20 PM

Art is needed in our lives for so many reasons. It can inspire to create, educate us on history or even change our present perspective of our current situation.

Other projects to view:

more to come….


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