London – Notting Hill


After i arrived safely to England via RyanAir, the airline that makes a dentist visit seem less painful, i took a coach to the centre of London. It was almost an hour ride. i walked over to the Underground/Tube station and at the door a girl tried to hand me a compact disc or something, but i told her no thank you, i am broke. She asked me if i was visiting from France. “How did you know that?” i asked her suspiciously. i wondered if the government was keeping tabs on me. She told me that i have an accent.

i was starving, so i headed toward my friend’s house, but stopped along the way to eat the world-famous fish and chips. Kerbisher & Malt was recommended by a girl selling flowers, so that is where i ate. i was not disappointed because it was very delicious, but on the other hand, i was disappointed because i thought it was going to be something unique. It is only fried fish and french fries. i grew up eating fried fish and french fries, so i do not understand why it is so famous in England.


i almost got hit by a small truck because i was looking the wrong way when i crossed the street, but the guy stopped just in time. He said something to me and smiled, but i did not quite understand it. i guess if you are going to drive on the wrong side of the road and have so many foreigners visiting your country, then you must need a bit of a sense of humour.

i arrived safely to my friend’s house with the help of his lovely French girlfriend. She was kind enough to come find me waiting near the train station.


Both of them had to work, so i decided to go to Notting Hill. i was hoping to see Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, or at least a dodgy Welshman, but i was not lucky. It is actually a nice little area, but seemed quiet for a week day afternoon, except for the construction of the water pipe line on the main street.


i was surprised to see the home of George Orwell in Notting Hill

i will have to return to find that famous blue door before i leave London, but i had forgotten the map at home and was really tired from the heat.

First impression of London. Awesome, surprisingly awesome.

more to come…


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