London – Richmond


On day two i took a red double-decker bus to Richmond, which is about 30 minutes from Ealing, where i am staying. It is a nice place to spend a day.


i walked down a secret little footpath from the main street and it brought me near the river. i have noticed that throughout London there are many little “secret” streets and footpaths that can lead you off the tourist route.

Then i headed in the opposite direction and came to a field and small wooded area, which had park benches where people could sit to reflect on the beauty surrounding them or in one case there was a couple behind me making out in the tall weeds. They would pop up and look around every few minutes, sort of like meerkats, but not as cute.


There are a lot of benches in this village, but what makes them unique is that they are all dedicated to people who are dead, but they are not famous people. i want a bench dedicated to me.


After my time of reflection and meerkat watching, i walked into the centre to find something to eat. It was a difficult decision, but eventually i settled for fish and chips. This meal was not as good as the one i ate yesterday, so paying a few pounds less can also mean that the fish and chips might not be of good quality. i walked to an area in the centre called The Green, at least i think that is what it was called. Many people sit out there during the day sunbathing, eating, kicking the ball around, gossiping, but mostly drinking room temperature English beer from plastic cups, which are served by one of the pubs next to the park.


It is another area worth visiting for a day out the dirty city and some quiet time, except that there was a crazy man yelling on the street, but that is to be expected from drinking room temperature beer.

more to come…


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