London – Hyde Park to Chinatown

The third day in London i had decided to see Westminster Abbey, so i hoped on the train and headed in that direction. i took the fast train from Ealing to Paddington (Bear) Station. It was much faster and the same price, i think.


i exited the station and started walking. i did my usual thing, i just walked as if i was headed somewhere, but in the end i never make it to my destination. i leisurely strolled though Hyde Park. It was very crowded because there was a concert and The Rolling Stones were going to play that night. It is an interesting and big park, with parts that look like woods and then other parts are more like a park.


Then i walked across the street from the park, where i saw a lot of statues and then sat on a bench. A black woman dressed up in a shiny gold dress and a silver head wrap came up to me and asked if i knew where some hotel was located, so i searched for it on my map and told her that it was by the park. i walked her to the hotel because she looked really lost and she was late for a wedding. i wondered if it was an alien wedding.


After helping the lady, i continued on my random way. i have no idea where i had wandered too, but i happened upon Burlington Arcade, which looked like an alleyway turned shopping lane.


In the picture below you can see the best part of the shopping alley. Macarons .


i continued again and i saw all these things.


And then i came to Piccadilly Circus. Boy was i disappointed. i did not see any trapeze acts or animals, but i did see a few clowns walking past me. There was a guy singer on the corner; he was singing Wonderwall by Oasis. Worst circus ever.


i went on my merry way after the circus and then i saw these things.


And then i saw a real fight in front of Starbucks Coffee Shop. It was incredibly funny. One guy had park his taxi bike over the line, then a second guy came by on his taxi bike and stopped to tell him that he was over the line. The over the line guy punched him right in the face. It was loud. i was standing there watching the whole thing. Then the second guy came back up and punched the over the line guy. As you can see they ended up rolling around the dirty street like two little girls. A crowd gathered, mobiles came out and snap shots were taken, so i walked away.

DSC_0112 DSC_0114

This walked is over, but there are many walks.

more to come…


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