Reading, pronounced in the past tense of read plus -ing, is a great place to get away from the hectic city life and raise a family. There are not a lot of sights here to see, so it could be done in two days, unless it is freaking hot as it has been since i arrived in England.

i started my journey at this church. The churches here seem to have cemeteries in the back or in the front or on the sides, perhaps even in the basement. i guess it is a good way to promote thinking of where you will end your life, we all do eventually.


Great place for advertising.

DSC_0001 DSC_0005 DSC_0007


Interesting place for reading.

As i was walking away from the church/cemetery, an old man waved me over, so i walked up to him with trepidation because i am uncomfortable talking to strangers. He noticed i was photographing the headstones, so he told me that there was one in another cemetery that i might find interesting. There was a man thrown from a roof by a freak whirlwind, in front of a train; he was not the luckiest man. i swear he told me that he remembered seeing it as a kid, but after i saw when the guy died, i decided it was impossible or the old man was a ghost reaching out to me, but i was too hot from the heat to get the real message.


My biggest fear is, that i would be buried next to a school with young children. This seems unusually cruel.


But before i reached the cemetery, i walked though the mall The Oracle, but not the inside part because i hate malls. i feel claustrophobic inside of them. Outside the mall i saw one of my favourite doughnuts, Krispy Kreme. i cannot wait to go to the U.S. to eat one or a dozen. Do not attempt to eat them here because they extremely expensive.



You have been warned.

i walked through the park across from the cemetery and near to an Abbey. It was a lovely park and not overly crowded, so i sat down on a bench to read and write in my journal. There were quite a few birds, which can be scary.


This bird kept walking near me. i was nervous because i imagined that he was going to attack me.


Abbey closed for repairs.


Jane Austen went to school in Reading, but as with many things that are very old, it was being renovated.


more to come…


4 thoughts on “Reading

  1. English city names could easily be spelled in a much more intelligible way… If it was spelled Redding, then everyone would know automatically how to pronounce it. And there are a ton of these in England: Gloucester, Leicester, etc. Not to mention Welsh town names πŸ™‚

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