Reading Again

On the second day in Reading, i walked around the centre and beyond. It really is a small town or i would say a big village, but i liked it. The walk today was not extremely exciting, but it was extremely hot.

There is some kind of advertising or public notice circle on the sidewalks, but i am not sure of the English name for it. i thought some of the notices were funny.


Public notices and advertisements.


Equal to Murder. Sounds serious.


i could use the reward money.


Poor poor letter H, attached forever.

There was a normal church, well at least the doors were normal; i cannot attest to the inside being normal.


Church doors


i like doors, but not The Doors.

Then the mormons were attacking people with the blaring white shirts and elder-ships. One of them saw my camera, he told me that he has a Canon and that he loves cameras. i told him, that is nice and kept walking.



Across from the Mormons, the muslims are building a temple. Those guys are spreading out into the whole world. i do not remember seeing them in Hungary, but Hungary is closed to false religions, except i saw some mormons there.


new temple for muslims

i continued on my walk, saw a boy with a man purse, talked to an electrician because he called out to me to say that he liked my camera, saw Scooby Doo on his truck and then i went to The Wishing Well, made a wish for cake and my wish came true next door at The Cake Box, but unfortunately i was not specific enough in my wish, the cake was egg-free, so i declined.


Nice man purse.




Wishing for real Cake

There will be a Fun Day at the Battle Hospital. The English even have fun at the hospital.


And then my walk ended because i had taken enough pictures of the centre the day before and the camera became an anchor around my neck on this humid day. Tomorrow i will post one more day about Reading.

My trip is almost over here. i will head back to Germany for two days, then make my way east to Hungary. i am excited to see my friends and maybe a few sights i missed while living there.

more to come…


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