Scenes From The French Quarter And Beyond


The French Quarter is the hotspot of New Orleans. Bourbon Street bustles with natives and tourists until the early morning hours, seven days a week and 365 days a year.

On the morning i visited New Orleans, Bourbon Street looked like a ghost town, even the mime (see photo on Flickr) commented on the lack of alcohol induced tourist to con out of a dollar. He was sitting on the trash bin on a corner, so i am sure business is horrible for him.

One of my other favourite things in New Orleans are the homes, especially on St. Charles. i love the grand homes that sit across from each other on the wide tree-covered street, in which the old St. Charles Streetcars wobbles down. The St. Charles Streetcar is the oldest continuously operated streetcar in the world.


After a walk along the river, we went to Camellia Grill, which is an institution in New Orleans. The food was good, but not quite up to the standard i am used to eating. The waiters were entertaining.

More photos:



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