No Twerking


It has been over a month since my surgery and i have only gained about 3 pounds. i hate when i take a shower, look into the mirror and see that i  look like someone who escaped from Auschwitz concentration camp or worse i look like Miley Cyrus, except i have a little more ass and i do not twerk. i have to meet the doctor in a week to see how my progress is coming. i have fear that i will not be released for work yet. i still have pains inside, sharp pains.

In other news, i completed my second blog for school. The link is here.





3 thoughts on “No Twerking

  1. That is one of the grossest pictures I’ve ever seen!
    I’m glad to hear you don’t twerk. In my opinion, no one should twerk. Twerking is not something the Holy Spirit wants ANYONE to do.
    Good job on the blog posts for school. You’re very talented in many ways.

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