#100dayshappy Day 27

photo 2-774148

Yesterday was a bit happier than Saturday because i watched a very funny film that i had never seen before, Auntie Mame. i think we should all have an Auntie like her. She is loving and off the wall. A bit of wackiness never hurt anyone.

It is an older film from 1958, so some people will not watch it because it is old. i feel pity for the poor souls that limit themselves, their lives by not trying new things or old things. Variety is the spice of life.

i also started Downton Abbey, which is a great British series.

But my happiest moment was provided by this blog. i reached and surpassed 100 followers in one day. Thank you to all of you that follow me and my strange ramblings as i fumble my way through life, pastry school, moving to the U.S. and write of missing Europe and my best friend and try to fight depression that conquers me most days.


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