No Heroes

Today was a very depressing day for me. i really hate these fabricated holidays, especially Mother’s Day. My mother was not a very good one.

And i was depressed about losing my best friend. Today i felt it strongly. Then someone told me that i choose to be depressed. i wanted to spit at her, but i did not. i hate people who say that to me. Those are the worst people to me. i do not choose to be depressed. If i could be happy, then i would love it, but something inside of me is not happy. i was born this way. So screw all of you, who tell me to choose to be happy.

This blog contains a major spoilers for The Amazing Spiderman 2 film.


Since i was so depressed and angry, i decided to watch two films. First i watched Captain America and it was awesome. i realised while i was watching it, that old people like him too. i saw quite a few old couples. i wondered if they had read the comic books as young children. The film was a 10/10 for me. It delivered as an action film should, with plenty of action.


The second film i watched was The Amazing Spiderman 2 and i loved it too, but a little less. Perhaps the reason i loved it a little less was because of the thing that happens near the end, which was extremely sad. But i have to say that they stepped it 100% from the first one. It was a lot better, but i still do not feel Andrew Garfield is as good as Tobey Maguire. Garfield feels too cool to me, but he was much better in this episode. Also, there were a few older couples in this film too. 9/10

Watching my comic book heroes on the big screen usually make me happy, but it did not last long enough because i watched it without my best friend.


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