Today i watched Great Expectations, the 2011 version. i had never seen any of the many versions made for film and television and i have not read the book, which is odd because one of my top ten books is David Copperfield. It was an excellent BBC production. i cannot attest to the accuracy of it, but it gave me a desire to put it on my must read list soon.

While i was watching Great Expectations, i applied for financial aid for college in August. Now i must wait. i am not sure where i will be in August. i feel trapped like the guy in 127 hours. i really have no idea what to do. i am so stressed out. Do i cut my arm of to survive?

i took a walk around McIntosh Lake, but only part way because it is 3.5 miles and i walked 1.5 to get there, also i was short on time. i saw the lonely eagle in the tree. i wondered how he felt. Does he feel the same as i do? i heard that he actually has a friend, but i did not see his friend. i was a little bit frightened because he is a bird and i am afraid of them because of Hitchcock.

For photos of the lake and the eagle click here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/101289268@N03/


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