Georgia Boys. Great BBQ

Today was the saddest day of this week, thus far. Many people i know have tried to offer me an ear to talk about anything, but that is not what i need. Talking about my problem will not help me. i am alone and i cannot allow people into my world now. i do not trust anyone. My heart is smothering me.

i felt so hopeless today.

i finally ate a real meal. i have not eaten much this week. i decided it was time to eat, so i went to Georgia Boys BBQ for lunch. It was an excellent choice because they give you a lot of food for the price and i was able to save some for another meal. It was nice sitting alone, outside in the sunshine.

One more week before i return to pastry school. i have about five weeks left until i begin the externship, but i am hoping i get a job before it because i need a vehicle and an appartement. i have sent my C.V. to some bakeries today.

Tomorrow i will take the placement test to enter Front Range Community College.


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